There is a second sun emerging, bright and shimmering. A force unrecognizable by our weak eyes and unknown by our feeble minds. Years of complacency have turned us skeptical to the possibility that things could ever be otherwise; skeptical to the thought that chance can come in strange packages. But in strangeness the seed of progress has been planted, and the water that feeds it is the rarity of lucidty.

So with a Third Eye to the heavens I look, searching and prying for that secret force. An eclipse is visible in the distance as the New Sun overpowers THE OLD. And darkness Rains down as arrows from above. The Tide Ebbs and Flows in anticipation – it dances violently to the drumming in the sky, for lightning has created a show to which thunder resonates- echoing that powerful song of a Mighty Attack.

The Moon Trembles with fear, afraid of its future course, not knowing whether it will survive this new source. We´ve never been exposed to such a change, and the Moon, like us, has become stale. For she resigned herself to the fact that her light was not her own, and like us, it only reflected the light of the Sun. But now, in the face of a new source, it is unsure of its own life.

I spoke to her at night, when she peeked through darkened clouds. I asked her why she felt like she did…why was she not aroused by something that could easily be great as it could easily kills us all..

She answered, desperate and bitter, that her time was not up, for she still had a job.

“But today it could all change,” I insisted. “Today you could be your own…”

“As easily as i could perish,”  she replied, tears running down her face. “And let the skies rain darkness at night…”

But this irrational fear of the end did not convince me, for i found it superfluous and morose to believe that you´d know or decide the time to simply be no more.

“Rather than fear, rejoice!” I ordered, now gaining prowess in my voice.  “For if you perish all that we will have is a chance to start again!”

Then i abandoned her sight and left her to suffer alone. And i roamed the night pondering what the meaning of all this was. Why the Second Sun had decided to only now show its face…what were the conditions that had prompted its birth?

Suddenly the darkness left and the deafening drumming in the skies stopped. The show in the heavens ceased entirely, leaving the Earth reverberating with memories and begging for more. The water, which on my back fell like heavy stones, had washed away my Fear of being all alone; and now, damp and under the quiet stillness of the Earth, the shower had almost seemed all in vein.

Then you could see the blue sky once more in all its glory, sharing the space with two huge fireballs burning side by side.

My eyes met the Rings of Fire with fearless optimism, for it seemed as if we had always been blind before…

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