Deflected likes, light off a shield that gave shade to the moon. Once cool, within limbs reach we collected ash from the peace pipes and built super snowmen in summers that watered down in winter. So it be and had to be cause they were beating it out of me, by the ancient rules of combat we accepted and then proceeded to objectify our scars. But bars don’t make us
He-man, plans rejected scan the discipline of happiness. Pleasure seekers outside their skin and a capsuled complaint with every meal. Salad or steak we all bake the body of Christ and
Malcolm and Che, of Lennon, Sabath and Rage, my page is written here, so if tomorrow I go like Gaza my land will be there, where you stand. Since Satan we’ve been suffering and he was one
of the good ones, the light is off on labels, chapters once written cease only the way dropped guillotines do, now turn em into fables. If you turn the tables could you really say you’ve carried
the noose of sacrifice??? I’m trying, see I’m trying real hard but it don’t add up. Mathematics in school help me unspool the economy, I’m licensed in their till. Independent enterprise to
open the market, come on in, come on in, and if you wouldn’t mind I would like to…hablar a mi gente latina, que amor para que cause dolor, que calor asi como en Manta ver sus palabras.
Un buen choclo y a trabajar con sonrisas del Chavo, siete de flaco y siete de gordo y sigo rojo con barba. La carga es otra, con familia a enfrentar el futuro, ojala no tan
duro como a otros. Con capacidad y un morocho regreso, un beso a los andes y haber para donde es adelante. El pasado trazado lo hemos escapado, ala de cuervo hermanos y puno de Bolivar tambien. Que nivel el poder comer pastel, agradecido y si no todos a brindar, vamos toma conmigo indio que no esta escirto esta vida todavia
SALUD to the indio score
Magetismo a la Mitad del Mundo, dozenas de nosotros regresaremos a rendir pa la patria. Estoy hervido de bloqueos entonces me entreno, armado a puno limpio, pelado de sangre
caliente y de repente con compania mala en el bus. No hay mas calles que cruzar, me quedo en la trece del Amazonas, soldado del ahora preparado para el sur. El norte ya huelo a
I leave my ties tight like jiu jitsu grip and Goldilocks in my bed. Go to bread they told me, I came from the head of mtv and yellow complections. Took a tip from Bradley
and gave it all to charity, now got new bills so I asked for her hand at 9 and catching the plane at 5. I take with me tommy and herb and leave behind free words, soar even if
you’re sore, watch out next thing you know my actions will score.

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