I received this book as a birthday gift from the mother (and family) of one of the Venezuelan kids that showed me around the country. He worked for the organization that took me there (AIESEC), and since he knew that my birthday was coming up he told his parents to throw me a small party. It was a nice get together full of cake, beer, loud music and charged political discussion. Contrary to the kid himself, who was staunchly anti-Chavez, his family was completely for Chavez, and when they learned that I also was moved by the man’s actions and theories, they decided to give me one of the gems in their collection as a gift. To date, it is probably among the best gifts I’ve ever received. 

I began reading it in Venezuela in my spare time between work and socializing (which mostly consisted of heaving binge-drinking, extensive traveling, fornication with a beautiful Ukrainian girl I met and a few other Venezuelan beauties, and extensive and thorough interviewing of just about anyone that I could get a hold of in regards to the political/social/economic realities of the country). But although I got very close to finishing it, it had to be put on hold due to other extenuating circumstances. Now, more than seven months since my return and a little more organized with my life in Toronto, I’ve begun reading it again – this time, hell-bent on finishing it and writing a review on it. So stay tuned for that.

For now, what I can say with certainty about the piece is that it is a great and easy-to-read piece explaining very thoroughly what Hugo Chavez’s socialism of the 21st century entails in terms of theory and how it is being put to practice through real and concrete efforts. It examines the way Chavez interprets the theories of the great intellectuals and revolutionaries such as – among others – Karl Marx, Jose Marti, Fidel Castro, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, Jesus Christ and Simon Bolivar; it also propounds the real strategies being put into place and being forged for future implementation in terms of advancing, in a very real and practical way, a new wave of Socialism that has already begun to sweep over Latin America and which, if furthered with the integrity President Chavez and the rest of Leftists Latin American Leaders currently have – including those of Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and Nicaragua (forgive me if some escape me now)- could very easily become a tangible alternative worldwide.

This book explains that and many other things much better than I have. I suggest you read it.





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