Just like I promised, here is some new and original music for anyone looking to get inspired or to make good use of those joints…

Loose Dollar Sessions
By Black Lady Soul

I knew the singer/guitarist back in grade 11 or 12, and we probably shared a joint or two at some point or another. After high-school we each did our own thing. Anyway, now he’s in this band – BLACK LADY SOUL – and I’m honored to post some of their work in my blog.

Amrit Toor (drums)
Carson Ouelette (bass)
Chris Woozy (guitar leads)
Manvir Rai (vocals+guitar)

“Black Lady Soul is an up-and-coming band with members from Brampton/Ajax Ontario. They are ready to penetrate your sound waves with a subtle blend of neo-soul, rock’n’roll, and smooth grooves.”

Check out their website here:
and here:

Lyrics For: One Day, Someday

Oh, let me, find a little bit of reason for the way the pendulum goes. Baby, we’re just another fading season of feeling high then sorrow. I don’t want your hollow manipulation, I’m looking for what is real. Or your subtle castration when you whisper things so bold…

For now I hold on for one day, maybe…

One day, maybe, all the bombs and grenades we anticipate would dissipate in a cloud of smoke. Where’s the message of peace that we once spoke? I hope that before we die we can see the sun rise without blood in our eyes.

For now we hold on for one day, maybe…

Struck with love and the political, change comes from the individual, we remain, the residual: the shakers. The rest they lobotomize, dehumanize, still I realize, that one day, maybe, they’ll feel the endless love in our eyes.

For now we hold on for one day, maybe,
For now we hold on for one day, someday…
I don’t know…

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