By Franc RC

Steel birds sang the fat off of our work day.  I write you in harvest season under
shelter, while stars & stripes still occupy our crops & the poison seeps into our monarchs as cold cancer.

I keep warm in Marley songs, rest far away from my home town.  Lungs catching breaths in between the battle, I’m Moncada este momento, tried 26 times, the 27th leaves behind failure.  Even stronger then saviours cause I live past 30.

Fed on pigs only on the bay, that 1 fine Cuban day.  Putting a cap on dope cause even Fidel cut out cigars but what good can come from categorizing those who still use in jars???

I’m not here to sink into the heArd – “it takes a wolf to catch a wolf” – so serve me up a seal, who even for their own baby’s don’t feel.  Swim with currents of change.  Life lessons from the street on how to better eat.  I was starving for some schooling but the fee hike has me chewing on plastic cutlery.

I am not my job, I am not my gym, I’m not what I didn’t do or who. I am not beliefs, believe me I am energy, dependability for when the shit goes down unexpectedly.

Look back 15 years, ya you’ll find an example of fear, now look further star & find Lee’s words “running water never goes stale,” so I tread back into the future, see life for what it really is, McFly.

The cup can always be half empty but let that shit shatter in the woods, I’m
travelling man, city to city, loco these girls are always so damn pretty.  We create perfect days, by any means necessary.

Negativity chased away, I wish these moments could forever stay but I am not an island, if again I need to strap on armour against violence, know I won’t go down in silence.

It’s 1822, remember me with you.